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Your commercial property needs a solid roof to protect it, and if your commercial roof is in disrepair, then it may be time to replace it. Roof Repair Macon has plenty of experience with the replacement of commercial roofing systems. Many different materials are used to build and install a commercial roofing system.  Most commercial roofing systems are comprised of concrete, modified bitumen, tar, and gravel, or single-ply materials such as PVC or EPDM. In short, there are many more commercial roofing systems available when compared to the options for residential roofing.


What are the Different Types of Commercial Roofing Systems?


There are many types of roofing materials and systems; here are some of the main ones that Roof Repair Macon works with:


Modified Bitumen Roofing


This type of commercial roofing installation is also called mod-bit roofing and comprises reinforced roof fabrics and bitumen installed in layers. These materials are attached to the roof in a two-ply system which helps to provide the best stability and complete protection. In addition, the modified bitumen roof is simple to maintain and offers superior tensile strength when comparing it to other types of commercial building flat roofs.


Metal Roofing


Metal Roofing is one of the more popular types of commercial roofing materials. Roof Repair Macon has a great deal of experience with the installation of these types of roofs. The metal roof is available in corrugated galvanized steel, stone-coated steel, metal tile sheets, copper, silicon-coated steel, tin, and many other types of metal materials. When it comes to commercial roofing materials, metal systems stand the test of time and have a high fire-resistant rating. In addition, they have many protective layers which help to prevent damage and rust when they are exposed to sunlight. These types of roofs also look great and will last a lot longer than many other traditional types of roofing installations.


PVC / Thermoplastic and Roof Membrane


Roof Repair Macon does many jobs using PVC and TPO roof systems. These roofing systems are lightweight and resist UV rays, bacterial growth, and punctures.  They are also very reflective and are ideal for a wide range of commercial buildings, including hotels and restaurants, and businesses that tend to release oil through their ventilation systems.


BUR Membrane (Built-Up Roofing)


BUR Roof is the standard system that many commercial buildings have, the tar and gravel roof. This roofing system has piles and layers which strengthen the durability of the roof. The BUR roof is for low-slope roofs and will increase their durability.  Roof Repair Macon installs this type of roof most often because it is durable and cost-effective, and commercial building owners love the value.


EPDM Roof Membrane (Thermoset)


The EPDM roof is a durable option that is simple to maintain when comparing it to other commercial roof types. This roof system has a single-ply rubber material that is easy to install and resists ozone and ultraviolet light.  There are other benefits to this type of roof, such as resistance to alcohol, acid, and certain solvents. In addition, it is flexible in cold temperatures and has reflective properties that can lower the costs of keeping a building cool.


Green Roof System


The green roofing system is widespread and sustainable and helps to improve efficiency while managing drainage and water concerns. These types of roofs also look great and are environmentally friendly when it comes to installing a commercial roof.


Installation of Commercial Roofing


The team at Roof Repair Macon installs commercial roofs regularly. When you want a commercial roof replaced, our team has your back. Our reliable commercial roofing team gets the job done quickly, on budget, and at a time that works for you and your business.


Roof Inspection


Our professional team can closely look at the problems you are experiencing, including the flashing, vents, gutters, roof membrane, and drainage systems. When we examine all of these components, it can help prevent costly repair issues down the road.


Maintaining a Commercial Roof


The proper maintenance of a commercial roof is a critical factor in ensuring that the roof’s life is extended. Care means dealing with any leaks, cleaning debris, repairing tears and water damage, ensuring that the HVAC system is in good working order, and ensuring that the roofing materials are in good shape.


What is the Cost of Having your Commercial Roof Replaced?

The cost of having your commercial roof replaced depends on many factors, including the type of roof that you have, how accessible it is, and the slope.  Knowing all of these details will help to determine the time required, the materials, and the amount of time needed to replace the roof. The Roof Repair Macon team can help you with your commercial roof replacement, including pulling the necessary permits and installing or repairing the roof. We will also examine extra features such as chimneys and skylights, adding costs to the installation. When you need your commercial roof replaced, contact the experts at Roof Repair Macon for a free estimate.